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Road Star Wheels,
Rotors, pulleys & brakes...
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This is one of the most important changes you will make when converting your Star into a Custom Star....Custom Wheels, Rotors and brake calipers are a must on any true custom ride. You decide on the style then let us help you with the rest.


Ridewright's "Fat 50's"
Custom Made Road Star wheels,

Ridewright's "Fat 50" custom made wheels will make your bike stand out without a doubt!! These wheels features a 50 count 3/8" stainless steel spokes, Chrome hubs that are designed for the Yamaha Road Star and they use stock axles and spacers and calipers.. The wheels have the option of being made tubeless and offer great range of color options as well.

Wheel packages require the use of a matching pulley, matching front & rear rotors.

Make you Road Star stand out like no other with these awesome wheels..

Road Star 50 spoke wheels with 3/8 stainless steel spokes. Shown with optional power-coated spokes. 

NOTE: Stock Pulleys and rotors cannot be used with these wheels...

Road Star 50 Spoke Wheels sizes,
$ 65.00...Wheel seal. (each) 
$ 55.00...Chrome hardware for rotors and pulley

Matching radial rotors & pulleys

Front Rotors... $125.00 each (polished finish 11.75")
Rear Rotors.... $150.00 each (polished finish 12.5")
Pulley.... $375.00 each (chrome finish)

SSCC 60 Spoke wheels,
These DOT Wheels Feature: Chrome Hubs, SS spokes, Chrome hoops....
Powder-coat options are available, as well as tubeless design.
Road Star 60 spoke wheels sizes,
$150.00...Each wheel. (One color powder coat & clear)
$ 50.00...Wheel seal. (each) 
$ 50.00...Chrome hardware for rotors and pulley
$ 60.00...Stock rear rotor adapter plate (chrome)

rotors & pulleys
Front Rotors... $125.00 each (polished finish 11.75")
Rear Rotors.... $150.00 each (polished finish 12.5") 
Pulley, $375.00 (chrome finish)

Road Star 20-mm Offset Pulley kit,
This offset pulley kit allows for wide tire conversions in the stock or after market swingarms. This kit includes machined case components that bump out the cover so it retains a very finished look.




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