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Now you can be as "Hard-Core" as you want to be. This is the page that separates the men from the boys...These are serious products for the person who really wants to take it to the next level..

"BKB"(Bare Knuckle Bobber)
Hardcore Parts...

BKB/Biltwell Whiskey Throttle Housings.

Available for most Yamaha Models, with custom cable fitments for Whiskey Housing tops and Yamaha fitments at the carburetor or throttle-body… Custom applications are also available with the item… Perfect fit with our BKB SLIM SWITCH HOUSINGS… Made right here in the USA!
(**Shown On Star Bolt)
Whiskey Kit W/Black Cable………….$149.95 Delivered
Whiskey Kit W/Stainless Cable…....$169.95 Delivered 

BKB, "SLIM" Switch Housings... 
Universal Fitment... Perfect combo with our Biltwell Whiskey Throttle Kits. Available in 1" or 2" Lengths, in Raw aluminum or Matte Black finish… Polished 2 wire momentary switches included. 
Made right here in the USA!
SLIM Switch Housing 1".....$89.95 ea   (Raw Aluminum W/Single Button)
SLIM Switch Housing 1".....$99.95 ea   (Matte Black W/Single Button) 

SLIM Switch Housing 2".....$99.95 ea   (Raw Aluminum W/Dual Button)
SLIM Switch Housing 2".....$109.95 ea (Matte Black W/Dual Button)

BKB, Neck Conversion Kit
This Kit converts the V Star Metric neck dimensions to HD/American and allows fitment of 1" bearings. This change allows fitment of most American front ends without external stops.  Please note: We do not recommend any specific brand or frontend, our kit is designed to alter the neck to the correct dimensions. It is up to your builder to determine what front ends will be compatible for your application.

There's no cutting or welding involved and this mod is totally reversible!! 

V-Star hidden stop kit,
This is the perfect addition to our V-Star neck conversion kit, This stop replaces the lower bearing race and limits the turning radius of the triple tree.

Metric 100mm Solid Top Risers

Our new Riser Tops allow you to use any Drag Specialty 1” HD fitment riser, converting the riser spacing from 3.5” to 100 mm on center  

- Billet Aluminum Construction
- Designed For 100mm Riser Spacing
- Compatible with Drag Specialties 1” Risers
- Minimum required clamping area 1” x 5.375”
- Available in Black or Chrome
- Made in the USA


Metric Riser Kit, 100mm mount to Standard HD Bar Fitment

Our solid top riser kit mounts to any 100 mm metric center to center spacing but, will allow fitment of any standard HD handlebars with a 1" X 5.125" clamping area. Available in a Satin Black or Chrome finish these risers open you up to a much larger selection of handlebars for your custom project.
(Includes Mounting Hardware)

#SSCC-W10392...$159.95 delivered
$159.95 delivered



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