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Yamaha V-Star 1100
Performance parts...
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Performance starts here! At SSCUSTOMCYCLE.COM
We feel we have built, without a doubt, the very best in V-Star 1100 Performance parts and kits!



No BS... No Excuses...
Our kits work. They deliver real HORSE POWER & PERFORMANCE, GUARANTEED!!! Performance that can not only be felt in the seat of the pants, but seen on a real dyno...

SS Custom Cycle produces and sells the best performance products on the market, including; Air kits, performance cams, high compression pistons, clutch kits, Dyna ignitions, Dyna coils, and full performance upgrade kits...  


NOTE: All performance kits require re-jetting

NOTE: All performance kits requiring a cam change will need to run a full after market exhaust system and our Chubby air kit for proper results and tuning...

NOTE: All kits requiring a cam change require that a Dyna ignition be installed for best performance results. (Not included in kits)

NOTE: All kits requiring a cam change require that a 64 lb clutch conversion be installed for best performance results. (Not included in kits)






Go for the best, we know performance!!!

Our Chubby kit comes with everything you need to turn your 1100 into a "HARDCORE" street machine. Made exclusively for the XVS-1100 V-Star...Our "CHUBBY" air kit will bring out the performance you and your bike were longing for. 

  • Our kit is capable handling any upgrades from a bone stock engine to all of our "HARDCORE" engine builds. 
  • The "CHUBBY" kit uses 2 genuine K&N Hi-Flow filters, providing 72 inches of filter surface
  • The kit also maintains a full unrestricted 2 & 3/8 opening at the intake boot
  • This all translates to more air flow and more air flow equals more HP!!
  • Jet kit covers stock exhaust, ship-on's and all full exhaust systems 

See what customers are saying!!

Shane just writing to say you are amazing!!  I just got back from a ride.  Rode most of the time rode around 70 to 75 mph. Few times got an 80 in there (indicated). Filled it up and got 40.6 mpg!!  Now I was lucky to be getting 35-36 with the other setup. I am just mystified with larger jets and more turns on the screws!! The bike is running well and I am not going to change a thing unless you think I should do something different.  Again thanks for great support!

Take care
Les C. AZ                                                                                                 

I installed the "Chubby" kit and installed the jets like you mentioned to me over the phone. I had to take her for a test ride, even though it was 34 deg. outside, and what a difference the kit made!  Thanks for all your help!

Cliff F.
03' 1100 V-Star                                                                                                                 
Hi Shane
I thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with the way my bike goes. The bike runs great with the 429 cams, carb mods, ignition and the Chubby air filter kit. The bike loves to rev and pulls hard, passing trucks is a breeze and I can easily keep up with V star 1300's. I love the slightly lumpy idle and the deeper sound it has. All of the parts were easy to fit and work well together and the bike was easy to tune I could not be happier. Again thanks Shane for you very professional and friendly service, I'm a BIG fan of your company and products.
Cheers Bill W Australia

Hi Shane,
Just wanted to let you know that my bike is running fantastic since I put in the chubby air kit, she has so much power now, and it's much more fuel efficient!
Thanks again
Dan V. Australia


Our C & D kits for solenoid equipped bikes are direct installs and require no other modification to the carbs!!
.........Pk-400A & C...................................................Pk-400B & D....

Kits Include:

2 - K&N Chubby filters

1 - Chrome crank vent collector bottle or standard vent filter 

6 - Main jets

2 - Pilot jets

8 - Float bowl screws

2 - Flat washers

1 - Sheet metal screw

1 - Crank vent hose w/connector 

1 - Tube gel-bond

1 - Set of comprehensive/illustrated installation instructions..
2 - Custom main jet holders (On kits 400C and 400D only)


#PK-400A...$145.00 Delivered (All 99-05 except 05 CA models)
#PK-400B...$235.00 Delivered
(All 99-05 except 05 CA models, Includes collector bottle)

#PK-400C...$185.00 Delivered (05 CA & all 2006 Up Bikes)
#PK-400D...$275.00 Delivered (05 CA & all 2006 Up Bikes, Includes collector bottle)
**No additional modification required on our C or D kits... Re-jet and ride!!

SSCC CLassic Faux Air Kit,
Our SSCC Classic Air kits have become so popular with many of the other Yamaha Star models and with all the requests recieved... We've now made this kit available for the 1100 V Star's as well... Best of all we did it without compromising on performance!

Although these kits are non-functional they
can be used to fill the gap between the cylinder heads when converting to pod style air kit, like our "Chubby Air"... The kits are designed to be a direct replacement for the external stock air box and can be easily installed by anyone. Our Classic air kit allows you to combine great looks with the exceptional proven performance that our Chubby Air Kit has always delivered, giving you the best of both worlds!

The SSCC Classic faux air kit maintains the riders comfort with its low profile design, allowing for good clearance between the riders leg and the air kit. 

  • Fitment on the V-Star 1100 Custom or Classic all years 
  • Kits include instructions and all necessary hardware for a complete installation
  • Non-Functional, must be used with our Chubby Air or similar product

CLVS-1122..........$89.95 (Chrome)

Crank Vent Collector Bottle

Our SSCC crankcase breather oil collector serves to capture oil vapor & crankcase blow-by and contain the majority of it.  Therefore eliminating oily mess on you engine and extending the life of the crank vent filter.

The kits crank vent collector canister sits in line between the cylinder-head vent and the crank vent filter. Blow-by gases and oil vapor escaping the engine are routed into the canister, with the oil vapor cooling and falling out of suspension with the blow-by gases to condense and collect as a liquid in the canister. The blow-by gases then exit the canister through a filtered vent. The oil collected within the canister may be drained as required with the base drain valve.

  • Constructed of polished billet aluminum and includes a breather filter
  • Allows you to collect the oil and drain it when necessary
  • Solves the long standing problem of the oily mess left by the breather
  • Valuable item for all performance motors prone to high volumes of blow-by

PK-400E...$100.00 Delivered

Crank vent breather


#DS-289515...$17.95  (Mount & Filter)
#DS-289516...$12.95  (Filter Only)

"CarbMate" Synchronizer tool  


  • Electronic two-channel synchronizer for carburetors and fuel injection
  • The cost-effective electronic replacement for mercury sticks
  • Bright color LED graph display reacts to even minor adjustments quickly
  • Precision instrument which is accurate to 0.5cmHg
  • Solid-state electronics are shock resistant and extremely durable
  • CarbMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two carburetors or throttle bodies very precisely on a single transverse "East-West" 9 LED display - visual estimation errors, common to the traditional approach which is to visually compare the individual values on separate columns of mercury or dial gauges are eliminated, as two pressures are compared and one value is displayed
  • A single green LED at the center mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are perfectly equal to within the selected resolution
  • A ZERO adjustment knob provides easy and quick pre-calibration prior to synchronizing; with no tubes connected simply adjust the knob until the center LED is on
  • Instrument powered by any 12V battery source (cord with clips supplied)


AIS Removal kit,

#0930-0053...$22.95 (All 99-Up)

SR-6 Performance Clutch,


Another SSCC First,...This is a product that we worked on with Barnett to bring to market. We were the first company to release this conversion to our customers. The SR-6 conversion available in 48-lb standard, 64-lb performance and a full 79-lb full race application. Barnett or Yamaha clutch plates also available. 
#SR-448...$169.00 Delivered (Stock bikes)

#SR-464...$185.00 Delivered (429 Cammed bikes) 

#SR-479...$189.00 Delivered (502 Standard and Big Bores)

Clutch Friction, Steel & Clutch kits,


Barnett Friction & Steel Clutch Kit,
#1131-1611....$159.95 Delivered (Kit contains friction, steels)

Barnett Friction Plates Only,

#2012-128.....$119.95 Delivered (8 plates)

Barnett Steel Plates Only,
#1131-0156...$48.95.00 (7 plates)

Performance Electronics:

Performance Coils & wires,
Fire it up with our "Hot-Shot" performance kit...
Featuring "Dyna coils" combined with our 10.4mm "TV-50" performance wires...

Nothing delivers the sparking power like our "ThunderVolt-50" ignition wires. Our 10.4mm wires use a ferrite spiral-wound core made with an exclusive copper/nickel alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic latex cover. The result is just 50 ohms/foot of resistance. Plus, they can withstand heat up to 600 degrees F and have 102,000 V dielectric strength. Other features include a heat-treated fiberglass braid, a triple-silicone outer layer, and silicone boots. 

Using our "Hot-Shot" kit will result in easier starting, a smoother and stronger running motor with better gas mileage and increased HP. This is accomplished by efficiently igniting all unspent gases within the combustion chamber… Our Hot Shot kit is a must have for anyone wanting better performance!

Under Tank Mounted Kit
#HS-411...$225.00 Delivered  **Hot-Shot kit (includes coils and wires)
#DC-412...$159.95 Delivered       Dyna Coils Only
#TV-413...$  89.95 TV-50 Wires

  • Unique electrode shape maximizes the power created by the spark plug - Diamond Fire technology
  • Electrode is a combination of performance and new technology that results in an improved flame kernel shape
  • This flame front ignites the bulk air/fuel mixture faster, moves heat into the combustion chamber faster and creates a more localized pressure front for faster pressure rise during the cylinder power stroke
  • The result is more complete combustion and an improvement in engine performance. A truly premium performance plug
  • Sold each

See What Customers are saying!!

Shane I know you are probably getting tired of the old geezer emailing you but, yesterday I installed the E3 plugs. Well it was late and about 38 degrees outside but took it for a ride anyway. Shane this bike is GREAT!! Runs like a top and plenty of power for the old one. It just runs and sounds like a motorcycle should! It has never ran like this before and totally thanks to YOU! Let me say if you ever have anyone question you or your knowledge send them to me .. I WILL set them straight!

Thanks so much my friend

Les the happy old geezer


#2103-0083...$9.95 each

Dyna 3000 Ignition Modules,

Dyna 3000 Ignition Modules are essential for all of our engine kits. The Dyna allows for higher rev limits and adjustable timing curves. These are purchased separately from our kits.

#D3K7-2...$225.00 Delivered (99-05)
#D3K7-8...$225.00 Delivered (CA 05-up & 49 state 06-up)

Will not function on NON-USA bikes equipped with OEM immobilizers.  

(Delivered prices are for US 48 State orders only)