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Performance clutch conversions,
Roadliner Clutch
Barnett spring conversion kits are designed to convert the stock diaphragm spring assembly to a coil spring assembly. The conversion kit will give your bike a more positive, controllable clutch engagement over the stock set up. The kit includes a billet aluminum pressure plate and coil springs. Upgraded racing springs are also available

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Hi-Flow Intakes,

Baron's Hi-Flow Air Kit 



  • Genuine K&N filters mounted on CNC-machined billet velocity stacks
  • Mounts directly onto stock throttle body
  • Kits yield an increase of 12-13 hp depending on exhaust setup
  • Crankcase breather included
  • Kit includes everything needed for installation
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Fuel Management,

Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner W/CVT

The Fi2000 PowrPro fuel-injection tuner uses the latest smart chip technology to continuously read the bike's EFI delivery at up to 80 times per second every time the throttle is opened to optimize the air/fuel mixture at all throttle settings. With its Continuously Variable Tuning (CVT) (patent pending) technology, the PowrPro will revolutionize motorcycle fuel-injection tuning.

With PowrPro you can say good-bye to old-school EFI "mapping mania" and O2 sensor hassles forever. When your bike accelerates, PowrPro reads the engine's performance up to 80 times per second to optimize fuel delivery at all throttle openings under acceleration, under every kind of load and under all existing environmental conditions to deliver maximum acceleration.

And no matter which components you change in the future, whether it's a new exhaust system, a freer-flowing air filter setup or even a big-bore hop-up kit with new camshafts, PowrPro continues to analyze and tune your engine for peak performance.

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I just wanted to report back to you after I installed the new Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro on my Yamaha 950. Everything seems to be great with it. The throttle response seems quicker and now the popping on deceleration is completely gone. The miles per gallon has dropped from its previous 48 to 50 to about 45 per gallon (still not bad at all). Anyway, as I said, I'm very pleased with the PowrPro.
Rob W., IL

In short, the Cobra unit does everything reported here and on the Cobra web site. it absolutely delivers more, smoother power throughout the entire rpm range. I did not, even once, experience the slightest hesitation, roughness or even a backfire. I repeatedly found myself at 80 mph, having accelerated to that speed while never applying more than (what seemed like) 1/4 throttle. The bike just seems to want to go!
Kirk W, CA

Received my PowerPro Fi2000 from Shane last Friday, installed it on Saturday due to in-laws in town and rain just got to a test ride today. WOW it cleared any issue adjusting the POTS on the old unit would not. Off idle and low speed acceleration is silk smooth did a bunch of U turns that were finally fun. Noticeable improvement throughout entire power curve, improved power and smoothness and it sounds better; I even think the chrome is brighter!!!

John, VT

I can attest it does what it says. I had it on with just the air kit from SS customs and it worked great. Had pipes put on a week later and it runs perfectly no popping and no adjustment. Wire it up and forget that it is there. Only little trick I have noticed with mine. You have to start the bike before the speedo needle finishes its swing. If I wait then It doesn't want to start not sure if that is normal or not.


Reporting back after installing an S&S Hi-Flo intake and a Cobra Fi2000 Autotune. As previously stated the bike was stock before these additions, the pipe is still OEM and undrilled. I put the two parts on and they just worked, no tweaks, tricks, or trip-ups. We just returned from a weekend ride of around 500 miles, two-up, and I'm pleased to say the ride-ability of the bike is greatly improved.
Mark, WV


" FYI I also bought the new cobra fuel processor, works almost like magic ! great product!"
Jim M

See it the video

1020-1384...$439.00 Delivered  (06-UP)

Cobra Fi2000R Closed Loop Fuel Management 

The Cobra Fi2000 comes preset for your make and model of motorcycle. It is also set for your bike equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system. This setting will enhance the performance of the entirely stock bike as well. If you add a high flow air filter system, you might need to adjust your particular model. Each comes with detailed instructions showing you how to make those adjustments quickly and easily. You can also contact our customer service staff to help you adjust your Fi2000 should your specific set of parameters need it.

The Fi2000 increases horsepower and torque by optimizing stock lean air/fuel mixtures (helps cool the engine temps as well) * Quick and simple installation with plug-and-ride technology with OEM-style connectors * No confusing computer downloads to install * No expensive dyno testing required * Pre-configured from the factory for make and model, but easy to adjust should a specific application need it * Improves overall rideability * Virtually eliminates backfiring on deceleration.
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#1020-0577...$235.00 Delivered (CA Models)

Cobra FI processors,

#1020-0214...$195.00 Delivered

Please Note: It is strongly recommended that a fuel processor be used when adding performance mods such as air kits, pipes and the like. 

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