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Vulcan 1500/1600


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Performance Air Intakes,

Baron's BAK,

Fits the following:
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic (97-09)
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter (99-05)
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad
Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic (03-09)
Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad (05-09)


Baron’s BAK is the hottest accessory on the market. Adds substantial horsepower and torque. Your motorcycle will accelerate quicker and pull harder, plus it looks AWESOME! Kit comes complete with stylized chrome cover, K&N filter, and all necessary hardware. Any of our chrome filter covers can be purchased separately for those who want to alter the look of their existing Baron.

Flame # 1010-0509........$265.00 Delivered
Smooth # 1010-0508......$265.00 Delivered
Enferno # 1010-0511......$265.00 Delivered
Comet # 1010-0510........$265.00 Delivered

Kuryakyn HyperCharger,
Pro-Series Hypercharger™ for Metric Cruisers

The Pro-Series Hypercharger was designed for massive air-hungry V-Twin mills that like lots of RPMs. If your motor needs air, here's the place to start. The inlet is cavernous. The filter area has been increased by a full 50%. Internal shapes have been tweaked to allow increased flow & velocity. The "Pro" has a look all its own. All edges are radiused for a more streamlined appearance & a completely new cover with speed lines completes this picture of performance.
# 9408...$265.00 Delivered (All 1500/1600 FI)
# 9404...$255.00 Delivered (95-04 1500/Single Carb)

Hypercharger™ Kits for Metric Cruisers

Since their introduction for H-D Models in 1992, The Hypercharger has been widely recognized as one of the most cost effective performance modifications available. When the demand arose for adaptation to the Metric Cruisers we expected similar performance increases, but never expected to see the gain common on these engines.
Check out the Dyno charts. Results were obtained from stock bikes with only accessory pipes, a Hypercharger, & simple carb re-jetting. The performance increase comes from simply letting the engine breathe. No decrease in longevity or drivability should be expected after normal, careful installation & proper jetting.

Aside from the desirable gains in performance, the Hypercharger is one of the most striking enhancements you can make to your bike. The cases are beautifully chromed with trap doors & butterflies available separately in a wide array of colors.
# 9405...$245.00 Delivered (All 1500/1600 FI)
# 9400...$245.00 Delivered (95-04 1500/Single Carb)

Force-Winder XR-2
Forcemetric Forcewinders feature the industries only square port intake manifold designed to maximize airflow for the dual port EFI's (called the Dominator). Kits include all necessary mounting hardware, a Genuine K&N Airfilter and an Outerwears DryCharger Rain sock for running in extreme weather conditions.

The Forcewinder kits come complete with an Outerwears Weather Repellent Rain sock in Black. This great products serves two purposes. One a prefilter to prefilter incoming air with fine micron holes. Secondly the fabric is treated with a special compound that actually repels the incoming water yet lets your motor breathe freely. Available separately in many cool colors to match your ride.
#1010-0364...$360.00 Delivered
(All 1500/1600 FI)

Fuel Management,

Cobra FI2000R,

Nearly every fuel-injected motorcycle can benefit from the installation of the Fi2000R. Better throttle response, no backfiring, and smoother cruising are just a few of the areas improved by the Fi2000. When your engine has the proper air/fuel ratio metered to it, it can perform to its potential, run cooler and be a much more satisfying ride. Our Fi2000 comes preset for your specific model. It is also set for your bike equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system. This setting will enhance the performance of the entirely stock bike as well. If you add a high-flow air filter system, you can quickly adjust your particular model because each comes with detailed instructions for making fine tuning adjustments. The Fi2000 increases horsepower and torque by optimizing stock lean air/fuel ratios (helps cool the engine temperature as well) No confusing computer downloads to install Pre-configured from the factory for your bike and model, but easy to adjust should your specific application need it.
#1020-0210...$195.00 Delivered (VN1500G/00-04)
#1020-0272...$195.00 Delivered (VN1500N/05-08)
#1020-0210...$195.00 Delivered (VN1600A/D/03-08)

Cobra FI2000R (CA ARB)

The Fi2000R ARB units are model specific and arrive preset for each bike. Each uses OEM-style connectors for easy installation. Like the Fi2000R available in the other 49 states, the Fi2000R ARB corrects for lean air fuel mixtures under acceleration and load, and at full throttle applications. To meet California standards it does not, however, adjust for those conditions while in cruise mode. Nor does it allow the user to adjust the unit in any way. Additional Fi2000-ARB features: Increases overall performance by optimizing lean air/fuel mixtures Improves rideability by smoothing out the power band and giving better throttle response Instantaneous fuel delivery the moment you open the throttle Virtually eliminates backfiring on deceleration Model specific for even easier installation and settings Quick and simple installation with plug and ride technology (uses OEM style connectors) No complicated fuel map adjustments or computer downloads required No dyno testing needed Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions included California residents should purchase the Fi2000R ARB, which is approved for sale in California. ARB E.O. No. D-633-1
#1020-0584...$195.00 Delivered (VN1500N/05-08)
#1020-0586...$195.00 Delivered (VN1600A/D/03-08)

Dynatek F.I. Controller

The new Dyna Fuel Injection Controller is a plug in module that offers 3 user selectable base fuel curves that are designed to improve engine operation and can be modified to suit a wide variety of modifications. These adjustments are made via 3 potentiometers that adjust the fuel curve in the proper ranges for the application. Fuel mixture can be enriched or leaned as required. The Dyna FI Controller uses the factory connectors for easy installation and there is no PC required for tuning or adjusting the fuel curves. There are no modifications to the stock ECU and removing the Dyna FI controller returns the vehicle to the factory configuration.
#1020-0196...$225.00 Delivered (VN1500E/G/J/P/99-07)
#1020-0223...$225.00 Delivered (VN1600A/03-07)

Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller

Finally, an easy & affordable way to adjust your fuel injection system to accommodate modifications to your motorcycle's exhaust system, air cleaner, or engine components. The Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller is load-based. Aside from reading throttle position & RPM, the Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller also takes into account the load the engine is under. Even though you may encounter the same throttle positions at the same RPMs in different riding situations, the engine's fuel requirement will not be the same because the engine is not under the same load. The Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller module allows you to tune the fuel injection much the same way you jet a carburetor.

  • The green "pot" functions like the fuel mixture screw & pilot jet on a carburetor to adjust light throttle operation through highway cruising & steady throttle.
  • The yellow "pot" functions like an accelerator pump on a carburetor. It adds fuel as the throttle is opened.
  • The red "pot" functions like a main jet on a carburetor to add fuel on the top end.
  • The RPM "pot" adjusts at what RPM the green & yellow fuel addition stops & the red fuel setting takes over.

The Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller module includes Scotch-lock connectors allowing you to quickly & easily splice into your stock wiring harness.
# 9218...$165.00 Delivered

DynoJet Power Commander III

The Power Commander III is a fuel injection adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bikes' stock ECU. The PC uses original equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel curves via the PC's onboard microprocessor. Using this technology we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bikes' ECU (electronic control unit). Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition. The unit also comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file.

#PC201-411...$290.00 Delivered (VN1500J/Drifter 99-05)
#PC202-411...$290.00 Delivered (VN1500L/Nomad 00-04)
#PC203-411...$290.00 Delivered (VN1500N/Classic 00-08)
#PC209-411...$290.00 Delivered (VN1600A/Classic 03-08)
#1020-0122...$290.00 Delivered (VN1600/Nomad 05-08)

Engine Performance,

Barnett Clutch kits,

Since 1948, Barnett clutch plates and springs have been made from the finest materials available. Through research and development, we are constantly striving to offer the best possible friction material for your motorcycle or ATV. Barnett tempered steel drive plates go through a vibratory deburring process and then are quality checked for flatness to provide optimum performance. Heavy duty Barnett clutch springs are pre-set, shot-peened, and heat treated for performance and durability.

VN1500/1600 Vulcan (87-08)(03-08)
Frictions #K-1500.......$130.00
Springs #1131-0780...$15.00

(Shipped prices for US 48 State order only)



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