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Are you ready to get "Hardcore"!!

"HARDCORE" performance that is!!!!  At SS Custom Cycle Inc... We have built, without a doubt, the very best in V-Star 1100 Performance products and kits! W
Now I don't know about you but, I get real tired of hearing competitor's make false promises of performance gains that never seem to happen... So when I decided to build our performance kits, I decided to do them right the first time. Trial and error combined with countless hours on the dyno allowed me to guarantee the same results over and over. Not just from our bikes but, our customers bikes as well. Remember there's no secret black box, no Voodoo magic involved in making your bike tear up the road. 

Don't Be Fooled by PCS...Poo
r, Customer, Service!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Kits Are No BS... No Excuses...
Our kits work. They deliver real HORSE POWER & PERFORMANCE!!! "HARDCORE" Performance that can not only be felt in the seat of the pants, but seen on a real dyno, guaranteed!!!

SS-429 Series Cams

(All dyno testing results done by outside independent shops, on real Dyno-Jet dynos... Other dyno results may be available upon request.

All of our kits
come with every single thing you or your shop will need to install your performance kit. Yes, everything!!! Every seal, every gasket, every component you will need to complete the job. We also include instructions for yourself or the shop of your choice. We gladly provide tech support, product specs and dyno results on any of our performance kits upon request.

We know we make the best kits. Now we want to make sure you know...
ALL Original SS Custom Cycle Designs are Built to Perform...These kits will take you bike from,... HotRod to Hardcore Heaven...

Exclusive cam grinds for the XVS1100.
SS-429 Cams 
Some SS Custom Cycle Firsts,...XVS1100
The first to bring you the SR6 1100 Clutch conversion.
The first to put out a true 2 into 1 performance Race Pipe.
The first to design a High Lift dual high lift valve Spring kit.
The first to put out a working NOS system for the 1100...

Anything else is just a cheap copy!!


  • The "CHUBBY" Air Kit
  • New Billet Performance Cams
  • Flat Slide Racing Carbs
  • Performance Clutches
  • Ignition Modules
  • Hot Shot Coils and more.......



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