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V-Star 1100
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Updated 11-15-16





Our SS Custom Cycle V-Star 1100 "Body Shop" is the only place to go when you want make your Star stand out in the crowd. We have the largest range of body components available for your V-Star 1100... A few simple mods, a cool paint job and you have a ride that will turn heads and win shows. Everyone will be wondering what type of custom ride you own! Our fiberglass fenders are also very different form most. They're not weak or flexible, you don't have to cut and shape them yourself. That's right, no need to be a sculptor with ours...We've done it for you, after all your buying a designed finished part not a blob of fiberglass that needs to be shaped into a fender. With our fenders you just drill your mounting holes, maybe trim the mounting tabs on some and your ready to go. No seams that take hours of additional body work, not to mention extra $$$ to remove. Our SS fenders are sand and paint!!

SSCC Body-Shop Conversions

  • 6.5” wide, hand-laid fiberglass construction
  • Made to order, finished in a Primer-Gelcoat
  • SS-30 comes with spacer kit and hardware
  • Works with Krome-Werks chrome fender extensions 
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
#SS-30.....$239.00 (16" and 18" wheels 1100 Classic/Inc Spacer kit)
#SS-30a...$219.00 (16" and 18" wheels 1100 Custom)

V Star 1100 Classic B.Y.O.B. Fender
Build Your Own Bagger
Our V Star 1100 Classic "B.Y.O.B." fender and bag kit is made here in the USA from the highest quality hand-laid fiberglass. Our fender uses the stock sub-frame and mounting locations making it passenger ready... Modeled after the stock rear fender for a uniform appearance but, with a truly custom look that is still practical for everyday riding. Our kit works with stock or after market taillight options that are made for the 1100 Classic. Its design also allows it to work with all seats that are designed for the stock Classic fender as well as most after market parts designed for the same. 

Shipped, undrilled in a primer gel-coat that's ready to sand and paint.. 

Not compatible with stock pipes, Rear stock blinkers and Rear standard foot pegs. Carrying a passenger requires the use of Passenger Floorboards noted below. The Cobra 2 into 1 Exhaust Systems are recommend for proper fitment. Stretched fender and bags are 4" longer then shown above and has a pocket for recessed plate and fully integrated light kit 

#SS-29...............$359.00   (Fender Only)
#SS-29A.............$399.00   (Fender Only 4" Stretch)

B.Y.O.B. Kits
#SS-29 KIT.........$1499.00 Delivered (Standard Length Fender, Hardbags & Bracket Kit)

#SS-29A Kit........$1799.00 Delivered (4" Stretched Fender, Hardbags & Bracket Kit)
#SS-RWD............$295.00 Delivered (Integrated Taillight Kit for SS-29A)

Passenger Floorboards
#SS06-4706........$295.00   Delivered (Cobra Offset Passenger Floorboards)

Bare Knuckle Bobber Fender

Our "BKB" rear fender was designed exclusively for the V Star 1100. Our "Bare Knuckle Bobber" fender is designed to make your bike look like a rigid frame. Molded to mount directly to the swingarm the fender tightly hugs the rear tire, maintaining the same distance from the tire at all times. No matter what the ride height!

This fender does require the removal of the bikes rear fender sub frame and is designed for one up riding only...Be sure to checkout all the cool "BKB" parts we offer to help you with your Bobber build...

Check out our Bobber Seat kit here,... 1100 Bobber Seat Kit!!

See the conversions, HERE

BKB "Shortster" front fender
Our latest addition to our "Bare Knuckle Bobber" product lineup... The 6" "Shortster" front fender is now available... This is the perfect short styled fender for your custom or bobber build... Fitment for 16", 18" and 19" front wheels...
#BKB-SS33...$189.00 (Includes Hardware)

SS-24 Hugger Rear Fender,
Well you've asked and now it's here!! Designed exclusively for the XVS 1100 Custom. This fender was made to complement our Hugger front fenders and its super fat look gives the illusion that there's a monster 250 lurking under there!!...
Shown lowered with a air ride suspension
Classic models require sub frame modification & new seat.

SS-Hugger front fenders,

Available for your V-Star 1100 Custom or Classic.This is one of our most popular front fender designs. It's also a great complement to our shorter rear fender designs. Available in two widths. Depending on the application this fender may require that the mounting tabs be trimmed.
This is one of our most popular V-Star front fenders designs and is a great complement to many of our rear fenders. Available in two widths. This fender might require that the mounting tabs be trimmed.
SS-21...$239.00 5" (16/18 x 100/110 mm tires)
SS-19A...$239.00 6" (16/18 x 120/130 mm tires)
6" (21 x 120 mm tires)
(Includes Mounting hardware)

Show-Stopper Side Covers,

Installed in about 1/2 hour and completely changes the look of your bike!!
(Shown painted & installed above)
#SS-20...$239.00 (set)






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