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Road Star "Body Shop"



This is where it all comes together!! Our parts will allow you to convert your "STAR" into a one of a kind custom ride. Remember it's all about making your bike stand out in the crowd. Now, our fenders are not like most fiberglass fenders. They're not weak or flexible, you don't have to cut and shape them yourself. That's right, no need to be a sculptor...We've done it for you, after all your buying a designed part not a blob of fiberglass. With our fender you just cut & drill your mounting holes and your ready to go. No seams that take hours of extra work or $$$ in prep time to clean up time.


SSCC, Road Star
Fiberglass Body parts,...

BKB "Bare Knuckle Bobber" rear fender

  • 6.5” wide, hand-laid fiberglass construction
  • Made to order, finished in a Primer-Gelcoat
  • SS-30 comes with spacer kit and hardware
  • Works with Krome-Werks chrome fender extensions
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
#SS-30.....$239.00 (16" and 18" wheels Inc Road Star Spacer kit)

Classic FL Chrome fender extension
  • Chrome plated steel trim contours the fender and extends it by 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Mounts using the provided hardware
  • Drilling of the fender is required
  • Made in the USA

# 380094...$24.95

SSCC-Extended Road Star Fender,

I don't know if you've ever stepped back and looked at your Road Star's stock fenders. If you do you'll see that the stock rear fender looks short compared to the front. So what we did is just add 3" of length keeping it very practical for everyday riding. Everything else is exactly like the stock fender.

Made from the highest quality hand-laid fiberglass this fender uses the stock subframe, mounting locations and hardware.. Will work with all seats designed for the stock fender and most aftermarket parts designed for the same. Passenger ready!!

Sent to you in a primer gel-coat ready to sand and paint.. Works and looks great with our SSCC hard-bags.

*** Fender does not come with the recessed plate or taillight***
SS-18...$329.00 Rear

Road Star "B.Y.O.B." Bagger fender

        "Build Your Own Bagger"
We're very pleased to now make our new Road Star "B.Y.O.B." Bagger fender available to you..

Made from the highest quality hand-laid fiberglass this fender uses the stock subframe, mounting locations and hardware.. Will work with all seats designed for the stock fender and most aftermarket parts designed for the same. Passenger ready!!

Sent to you in a primer gel-coat ready to sand and paint.. The main mounting hole has been pre-cut, with all other mounting locations being scored for easy installation. Works perfectly with our SSCC hard-bags and can be modified to work with most HD style bag conversions

The fender has been stretched 3" longer then stock for a truly custom look, while still being very practical for everyday riding. The tail profile has also been slightly flattened to allow many HD aftermarket taillight to be used.



#SS-18A.....$359.00                    (Fender Only)
#SS-180A...$1454.00 Delivered (Fender, Hardbags & Brackets)
#SS-180B...$1754.00 Delivered (Fender, 4" Stretched Bags & Brackets)

SS-Softail Road Star Fender,
softail fender (3).jpg
Always wanted that Softail look for your Road Star, well here it is!! This is one awesome looking fender and when combined with our either our Hugger or Dagger front fender it makes for one hell of a custom look. Unlike most short fenders ours installs right over the stock sub-frame so riding a passenger is no problem. The fender can be set up with a Yamaha DOT taillight kit with plate holder, available at an additional cost. Bullet lights required for mounting, are not included.
SS-13...$239.00 Softail
YA-TL...$200.00 Taillight assembly

SCC, Fiberglass Side Covers,

These are our new Roadstar hugger side covers. These fiberglass side covers slim up the center of the bike adding a very custom look at a very reasonable price.  (**minor mods required)

SSCC Hugger Fenders,
Roadstar Hugger Right.JPG
This is one of our most popular Road Star front fenders designs and is a great complement to our Roadstar softail and 2Up rear fenders. Available in two widths. This fender requires that the mounting tabs be trimmed.

SS-21...$239.00           5"  (16/18 x 100/110 mm tires)
SS-19A...$239.00       6"  (16/18 x 120/130 mm tires)
 6"  (21 x 120 mm tires)
(Includes Hardware)

SS-Street Sweeper Fenders,


Get down & Go Low,...With our Road Star "Street Sweeper" fenders. These are the ultimate dragger fenders. Combine their extra long stretch with one of our air ride systems and your slammed!! Watch the heads turn when you pull up dump the air ride and slam your fender to the ground..."Too,Cool"
SS-08.....$239.00 Front (16/18" wheels-Progressive fork springs recommended)
SS-07.....$329.00 Rear 

SS-Lo-Boy Fenders,
What can we say about our Road Star "Lo-Boys"... Well other than they're Smok'in...These classic fenders feature styling screams classy all the way and now they're available for your Road Star.  

SS-09...239.00 Front (Progressive fork springs recommended) 
SS-06...$329.00 Rear 

Tank Extensions


Dash Extensions,

Roadstar Dash Extensions $124.00.jpg
Extend your Road Star's dash with these pre-painted dash extensions. Guaranteed to be a perfect fit to your Road Star stock tank. These covers conceal the gap between the fuel tank and the bikes frame. Because they are pre-finished in a gloss black that matches the bikes frame they just blend away and work great with any color bike.
SS-02 Road Star Chin Scoop
Get that Pro-Street look with our "Road Star SS Chin Scoop". This part will not work with the stock fender unless the bike has been raked a minimum of 4 degrees. Perfect for use with our Hugger or dagger style front fenders.